The Passion Project

One of the perks of being in the Craft Beer Salt business is having to try lots of delicious beer, and some not so, in an effort to find the best ingredients for our product; #beersalterproblems. Sometimes when we find beer that we really like to drink, that tastes really good when we use it to make our salt, and that the people making it are as cool, if not cooler than we are, we do our best to try and partner with them.

Giving them the props they deserve, Walter gives credit where credit is due. All breweries are hand selected by Walter’s proprietress because of their dedication to excellence and insistence on walking to the beat of their own drum. There is no Dud Lite or Unnatural Ice here. Walter hates lawsuits. If it is not good enough to drink, it wont be good on your food. Treat your meat, fish, veggies, nuts, popcorn, fruit, pasta, salad, ice cream, poultry, cheese, butter, breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever else, right, and use the good stuff!

But that is not all you have to thank Walter for. A portion of all Walter Project profits go to charity. “What charity?” you say. A charity of each breweries choice, that is a cause dear to their hearts. Walter is generous, spread the love.

Every Walter Project salt comes with a unique label, specific to the brewery and brew used in making it. Save them. Collect them. One day they could be traded as currency. Or enjoy them, since that probably won’t happen. #walter4life

This is the chance you have been waiting for to impress your friends and family. Use it to cook for them or give it to those you love, or don’t, as a gift. Make them see how great you really are. Walter is here to save the day!